Ozdogaltas Marble is one of the leading natural stone manufacturer and exporters in Turkey,
        with different kinds of high quality products. 

        All kinds of travertine & marble & limestone slabs, tiles, pattern sets, mosaics, borders, medallions, 
        moldings and sink form its wide product range, which are exported in high demand.

        Ozdogaltas Marble supplies these natural stone products in different colors, sizes and finishes to its large
        client portfolio in all around the world. 

        In addition to its product variety and high quality principle, Ozdogaltas Marble is committed to provide the best service
        from its head office with a customer-focused and experienced sales team.

        Immediate replies to all enquiries, technical support, reliable inspection & quality control, continuous supply ability,
        coordinate production period, fast delivery process and logistic operations form the basis of Ozdogaltas Marble customer service. 

        United States of America, United Kingdom,  Germany, Austria, Switzerland,, Singapur, Australia and 
        United Arab Emirates are the leading markets Ozdogaltas Marble works with intensively.

Our Mission 

We aim to provide the best quality with reasonable prices under required terms & conditions and supply the best service to our valuable customers. 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to improve our business relations and to be one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of natural stone products in Türkey for.